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D2r Ladder Items

Aura Changes

Auras from another player or even a mercenary don't remove passive bonuses granted from the same skill. Example: Flickering Flame's Resist Fire aura at a mercenary overwriting a Paladin's base Resist Fire using their own hard points in Resist Fire.

This also fixes a problem where Paladin's Blessed Aim Aura would overwrite the Attack Rating increase granted by Amazon's Penetrate skill.

User Interface


Fixed a problem where skills granted by charges over a character’s alternate slot weapon could make their bound hotkeys unusable when loading into a game.

Fixed a challenge where the Loot to Cube skill wouldn't typically function is guaranteed to the shared interaction button.

General User Interface

Fixed a concern where pressing the hotkey to look at the inventory while loading in the game could cause the inventory UI to look empty.

Fixed a worry where the Shared Stash could exceed the memory limit, which caused items inside the player's inventory or Stash to be deleted.

Fixed a problem where the tooltip about the Lobby's season dropdown would show an inaccurate date.

Fixed a challenge where new entries for the leaderboard could display as Unknown.

Fixed a worry where applying control changes would automatically close the settings menu.

Fixed a concern where changes to controls won't be immediately applied.

Fixed a challenge where swapping between keyboard and mouse input and controller input would reset the filter inside the PC Lobby game list.

Added the ideal error message when creating a web-based character using a name already taken around the player's online character list.

The Ladder flag in character creation will be disabled if you find no active Ladder Season.

Fixed a problem with a voiceover line from Tyrael in Chinese.

Fixed an issue with all the Chinese versions of Deckard Cain's Stay a bit and listen to voiceover dialogue.


Moved the "% Damage Synergy" field for Multiple Shot (srvdofunc 8) from calc4 to calc5.

New columns have already been added. Developers of existing offline single-player mods can remake their changes using the latest data, or they're able to add the modern columns manually before merging.

skills.txt - "ItemUseRestrict"

skilldesc.txt - "item proc text," "item proc descline count."

states.txt - "sunder-res-reduce"

Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder is very similar to Seasons in another game. You must recreate a new ladder character closed in a few months. The most interesting, gameplay, creative, and craziest game content are all limited to creating characters in the ladder mode to experience.

To better experience the content of the ladder, runes are essential to game items. They are so rare that you can hardly find Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes in loot. Runes are directly inserted into the slots of weapons or armor. This piece of equipment can obtain various attribute bonuses and is powerful. You can quickly clear the season's challenges and get rich rewards with a suitable combination of runes.

However, after days of grinding, most players probably only get new D2R Ladder Runes.

It will be challenging for solo players to get runes in the game. There are as many as 33 different runes in the game, the higher the rune, the more helpful you are, but they are also rarer. Although you can synthesize multiple identical runes into higher ones via Horadric recipes, this is still a massive hindrance for players who need more time.

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