For players who are waiting for the next patch of Diablo 2 Resurrected, there is good news that Blizzard has announced that its tentative date is early December. This patch will fix a large number of programs in the D2 Resurrected Items game that need to be repaired.

Although we do not know the exact date, there is still reason to believe that it will happen in the first week of next month, unless something significant prevents it from happening.

The main headlines are improvements in accessibility and the ability to zoom in and out of graphics. If you want to know the complete patch notes, you can read Blizzard's own blog post. The following will introduce some interesting content for you.

For PC players, scaling of offline difficulty will be a feature they should be familiar with, and he is currently logging into the console platform. This requires the player to adjust in the settings, where the player can choose to scale things like monster difficulty. For example, the default setting for a player is 1, up to 8 digits. If the player wants to make the monster look like a four-player game, even if only the player is playing it, the Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale difficulty can be set to four. But why do you do this, so that players can not only show off their abilities, but also greatly increase the rewards they will get, so it is still worth the risk.

In addition, there are auxiliary functions and graphical improvements introduced. Audio prompts have been added to the menu to improve the accessibility of the PC and console versions of the game.

As for graphics improvements, if the player’s PC has a compatible Nvidia GPU, the player can activate DLSS to improve the graphics performance while maintaining the PC’s GPU performance.

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